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octave video/avi crashes - anybody have similar experience?

From: Kenneth Johnson
Subject: octave video/avi crashes - anybody have similar experience?
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 21:54:40 -0700 (PDT)

I have 3D arrays of processed images (x,y,t) i'm trying to dump to an avi file.  x=y=t = 128.
The data is we;; behaved in that it is between 0 and 1.
I created a simple function to do it as listed below - sometimes it works and about 50% of the time it causes a core dump when the function returns back to the caller.
Anybody have an ideas - i've tried all kinds ot tricks to "clear" whatever error might exist behind the scenes in the lower level code like writing a zero frame before and after, etc.  But it is still very unreliable and I'd really like to get it fixed because I want to use this capability ALOT...
% convert3DtoAVI(File, Array)
function [] = convert3DtoAVI(RootName, SubName, Wavefront)
% -- Open file and stuff frames
OurPath = "c:\\Users\\Owner\\Documents\\Octave\\";
AVIName = strcat(RootName, SubName);
filename = strcat(OurPath, AVIName);
printf("convert3DtoAVI: %s\n", filename);
% --
[xSize, ySize, nImages] = size(Wavefront);
Image = Wavefront(:,:,1);
ZeroImage = zeros(size(Image));
% -- This is the avi loop

avi = avifile(filename);
% --
addframe(avi, ZeroImage);
for i = 1:nImages

 Image = Wavefront(:,:,i);
 sImage = ScaleImage01(Image);
 addframe(avi, sImage);
addframe(avi, ZeroImage);

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