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RE: Octave Compatibility with Matlab 2009

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: RE: Octave Compatibility with Matlab 2009
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 10:12:08 -0400

On 12-Aug-2010, Middendorf, John R Civ USAF AFRL/RYJT wrote:

| Check this website out.

Oh, no, please don't!  That page is about a decade out of date by
now.  The author (Paul Kienzle) was a frequent contributor to Octave
starting in about 2000, and had a email address until
about Spring 2002 and the pages you link to have not been updated
since sometime before that.  My understanding is that Paul no longer
has access to the account where the pages are hosted and repeated
requests to have them remove have failed.  But I would be really happy
if someone could get them taken down because people somehow keep
finding them and are then misled by the now completely obsolete info.


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