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Re: zenity package from MacPorts?

From: Martin Helm
Subject: Re: zenity package from MacPorts?
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2010 17:20:51 +0200
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Am Samstag, 14. August 2010, 16:45:05 schrieb Matthias Brennwald:
> Hmm:
> octave:2> pkg rebuild -auto zenity
> error: /Users/brennmat/octave: No such file or directory
> error: called from:
> error:   /opt/local/share/octave/3.2.4/m/pkg/pkg.m at line 437, column 7
> error:   /opt/local/share/octave/3.2.4/m/pkg/pkg.m at line 380, column 17

Ok, as I said I have no experience with mac, was worth a try.

- mh

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