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Re: math symbols and angstrom in postscript

From: George Barrick
Subject: Re: math symbols and angstrom in postscript
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 11:42:32 -0400

                                                            2010.08.25.15:41:02 UT


Hello kloof,


         I tried both ‘\AA’ and ‘{\AA }’ in text strings that

I fed to octave with the ‘interpreter’ property of the

text object set to ‘tex’.  Neither one worked in

my octave-3.2.4.


       Currently octave implements only a limited number

of tex-capabilities, and does not implement a ‘latex’

interpreter property.


       It seems like physics journals of the past fifteen

years or so are getting away from angstroms.  Most

scientific publishers prefer that you use an SI unit,

such as nm (nanometer) or pm (picometer).


George                                       gbarrick_at_walsh_dot_edu




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