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Re: Adaptive Simulated Annealing (ASA) for octave?

From: Søren Hauberg
Subject: Re: Adaptive Simulated Annealing (ASA) for octave?
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 13:45:13 +0200

tor, 26 08 2010 kl. 12:10 +0100, skrev Giorgio Dall'Olmo:
> I was wondering if anyone has ever though of compiling the Adaptive 
> Simulated Annealing routine ( so that it can 
> be used from octave.

Well, the license seems to be incompatible with the GPL, so I doubt
anybody will do this.

> I've used before a version of the ASA code (called "asamin") that had 
> been compiled for Matlab 
> (
>   I am sending this link, because it may help to create a similar thing 
> for octave.

Since this uses MEX you can probably just compile it for Octave and use
it. My guess would be that you have to change the Makefile to call
'mkoctfile --mex' instead of 'mex', but otherwise it probably just


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