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Swig works (Re: Octave and databases)

From: David Grundberg
Subject: Swig works (Re: Octave and databases)
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2010 18:59:43 +0200
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Søren Hauberg skrev:
> ons, 01 09 2010 kl. 21:48 +0200, skrev David Grundberg:
>> Using SWIG together with the database manager's client library is
>> probably smoothest way to make the interfacing oct file.
> If memory serves me correct then this is the approach taken by the
> 'database' package. Sadly, SWIG for Octave is the source of quite a bit
> of errors, so for this approach to really work, somebody would have to
> fix SWIG for Octave.

Yeah, I saw that.  I made a very simple swig input file, and the wrapper
file swig 1.3.36 produces won't make it through mkoctfile.  It's the
symbol table changes (3.0 -> 3.2) that messes it up.

Aaaand, guess what, I tried it on swig's trunk, and there it works like
a charm!  They are using the OCTAVE_API_VERSION_NUMBER define rather

As it stands now swig has some hack to implement a half-hearted
module/namespace thing ontop of one single DEFUN.  I wish swig had taken
another path and prefixed symbols, making each function have its own
DEFUN.  Or yet even better, have true namespaces/modules implemented in
Octave :]


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