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Re: vectorization quiz

From: Francesco Potortì
Subject: Re: vectorization quiz
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 10:42:16 +0200

>> I thought a little, but I do not see the way of vectorising this.  It's
>> a loop that is run only few times, but is called very frequently.
>> Essentially, there are few 2-D maps stacked one over the other which
>> must be shifted each by a variable amount and then summed to obtain a
>> new 2-D map.  Here is the code:
>>    for mi = 1:m
>>      llka += llkm(by+offm(mi,1), bx+offm(mi,2), mi);
>>    endfor
>> where:
>> m          ==>     5
>> size(llka) ==>     156 222
>> size(llkm) ==>     186 252 5
>> by         ==>     16:172
>> bx         ==>     16:238
>> size(offm) ==>     5 2
>> offm(m,i)  ==>     a scalar in the range [-15;15]
>> Thanks in advance to those wishing to try :)
>I don't think there's a good way. You can, of course, extract the
>submatrices via cellfun and then use plus, but it's not going to be
>significantly better. 

I think the slow thing is the index computation, so maybe I could try to
compute them all at once and then index, reshape and sum.  Maybe I'll try.

With the new diag implementation now we have a fast way of multiplying
each row of a matrix by a different number.  But I think we have no
euivalently fast way of summing a different number to each row.  Am I

>                      Given that m = 5, I think it's not even worth
>trying. If it doesn't seem to be possible to vectorize (part of) the
>outer loop, your best approach is to write a compiled function.
>Perhaps a sufficiently general one would be useful in Octave or

For the moment, the problem does not grant such effort on my part.  But
I'll keep that in mind for the future.  Thanks for the suggestions.

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