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HDF File Attributes

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: HDF File Attributes
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 12:20:19 -0500

On  9-Nov-2010, Stewart Dickson wrote:

| Hello, List,
| I am comparing the MATLAB examples for parsing HDF files, posted at:
| With what is apparently possible to do using Octave.
| As I summarized yesterday, MATLAB has functions to parse the HDF5
| file on disk, in excruciating detail, before actually reading the data 
| fields
| into memory;  While Octave apparently cannot.
| Octave's load -hdf5  function reads the entire HDF file into memory,
| parsing its data fields into structures.
| I think that Octave's load -hdf5  function ignores ATTRIBUTES attached
| to the data fields.   Is that correct?   Or is there a way to access HDF
| data field attributes in Octave?

Octave's -hdf5 option to the load function is only intended to be able
to load files stored with Octave's "save -hdf5" function.  It is not
designed to be a general purpose interface to HDF5.  If someone wants
to write that, it would be great, but it should probably be separate
from load/save.  It would also be nice for these functions to be
compatible with the corresponding HDF functions in Matlab, but to be
fully compatible may require implementing the newer object oriented
features first.


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