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Please help me to go ahead for MinGW build concerning DL libraries ( was

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Please help me to go ahead for MinGW build concerning DL libraries ( was DL libraries ....)
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 04:34:20 -0500

On 10-Nov-2010, Tatsuro MATSUOKA wrote:

| Hello
| Please help me to go ahead for testing MinGW build.
| Regards
| Tatsuro
| --- Tatsuro MATSUOKA  wrote:
| > Hello
| > 
| > I have not noticed that the current development package check the DL 
libraries in the configure
| > process.
| > 
| > <snip>
| >  CXSPARSE libraries:          -lcxsparse
| >   DL libraries:
| > <snip>
| > configure: WARNING:
| > configure: WARNING:
| > configure: WARNING: I didn't find the necessary libraries to compile native
| > configure: WARNING: graphics.  It isn't necessary to have native graphics,
| > configure: WARNING: but you will need to have gnuplot installed or you won't
| > configure: WARNING: be able to use any of Octave's plotting commands
| > configure: WARNING:
| > configure:
| > configure: NOTE: libraries may be skipped if a library is not found OR
| > configure: NOTE: if the library on your system is missing required features.
| >  
| > The octave-3.3.53 does not check this in the configure process.
| > Please show me the where I can find the required components.

The "DL Libraries" are any extra libraries that are needed for the
dlopen, dlsym, and dlclose functions.  You probably don't need one, so
it is empty.

The rest of the warning message is about graphics libraries.  You
haven't shown enough info from the configure summary to know which
libraries might be missing.

In any case, it is just a warning.  Did you try running make after
this?  If so, what happened?


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