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Re: octave and oo

From: Ernst Reissner
Subject: Re: octave and oo
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 09:18:02 +0100
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Dear John,

OK I tried:

>   function retval = DocPolynom(c)
>      % Construct a DocPolynom object using the coefficients supplied
>      if isa(c,'DocPolynom')
>         obj.coef = c.coef;
>      else
>         obj.coef = c(:).';
>      end
>      retval = class (obj, 'DocPolynom');
>   end
> and it should work.
and it seems to bring me one step further.
This time i obtain:

octave:2> c = double(p)
error: no subsindex method defined for class DocPolynom

OK, i tried to provide a subsindex method but did not succeed.
The example is from site

and I think it would be best to rework this site so that the examples
work as described.


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