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New... and need a bit of help.

From: jacob Banderob
Subject: New... and need a bit of help.
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 13:39:04 -0500

I have recently gotten some help from a neighbor writing out some code for a simple simulation, I just need some help as to running the program from the octave command window, It was written in notepad ++
Here is the code:

dtheta = 1;
theta = [0:dtheta:180];
theta_rad = pi*theta/180;
Ma = -6*cos(theta_rad)*6 - 6*sin(theta_rad)*3;
plot(theta, Ma);
xlabel (theta);
ylabel (Ma);

I have it saved somewhere at C:/ programfinder/ physicsoptional.m
but what would I put into the octave window to get it to run?

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