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Re: Built-in functions

From: Ben Abbott
Subject: Re: Built-in functions
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2011 07:43:05 -0500

On Jan 5, 2011, at 6:57 AM, Glen Shennan wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to use the built-in function print_answer_id_name but I can't work 
> out how to access it.  I enter (from both the command line and a script) (no 
> quotes, obviously)
> "print_answer_id_name"
> "a = print_answer_id_name"
> "print_answer_id_name()"
> "a = print_answer_id_name()"
> but nothing I do gets any response.  What do I have to do to access this 
> function?
> Cheers.

This built in variable is no longer part of Octave.

I'd guess the version of the manual you are referencing is older than the 
version of Octave you are running.

In any event, I don't think there is anything equivalent to 
print_answer_id_name in Octave now.


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