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Cumulative Sum Question - Octave Newbie

From: Jason Criss
Subject: Cumulative Sum Question - Octave Newbie
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2011 13:55:13 -0800

I have a cumulative sum of monotonic values that is a function of time (I don't have the analytic function, just the points).  For each point along the function, I would like to know the slope.  The issue is that the rate of change is very slow and a little noisy point-to-point so calculating the slope between adjacent points would yield a lot of noise.  Is there a function in Octave which gives the slope across multiple points?  I was thinking that the function would take the change in slope between a point and another point x samples previous, where x changes based on deviation from the mean slope (taken across the points between the two end points).  Or is there a better way to calculate slope in this situation?  The function looks something like this:

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