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Octave Setup Problem

From: Martin Senator
Subject: Octave Setup Problem
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 12:03:58 -0500
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I read your question about graphs and am unable to help.
But you might be able to help me get octave working again.

You indicated that your system is

 "octave 3.2.4 (Ubuntu 10.04), gnuplot 4.2, gnuplot terminal set to X11."  

I purchased a Dell Desktop (delivered Jan 12, 2010) that came with Ubuntu 9.04
installed.  I got octave 3.0.something running and learned how to get useful
plots with it (previously I used an earlier version of octave that plotted
in a way less compatible with matlab).  Ubuntu stopped supporting version
9.04 in Oct, 2010.  I was able to continue using it for a few months.
Then I decided to upgrade to be able to use a later version of octave.
I used the automatic upgrade feature of Ubuntu and now have Ubuntu 9.10
running.  However, I can't get octave running; not the version that
Ubuntu's apt-get would like to install or the previous version.

To help me chose between another automatic upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04,
or trying to build octave on Ubuntu 9.10,
could you tell me baout your experience with your system?



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