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RE: Problem with Octave and GnuPlot

From: Ian Journeaux
Subject: RE: Problem with Octave and GnuPlot
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 16:39:07 -0600

> Each sample involves loading Octave, running an octave script which
> processes several images and exiting Octave.

> Most of the time this works.

>This is the biggest clue that we have a race condition.

>A workaround is to add, say, pause(3) after each plot command, or
>perhaps a smaller number of seconds.

>The race condition persists in our current development sources, or
>perhaps it is a different one. It's one of the things I have
>aspirations of fixing before the 3.4 release.

I tried adding pause(5) after each of the plot statements. That did not
resolve the problem. 

The hang is definitely occurring on the "close all" statement as I output
status messages before and after the "close all". I also tried just "close"
but that did not change the result.

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