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RE: Latest Version of Octave Binaries for Windows

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: RE: Latest Version of Octave Binaries for Windows
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 23:07:23 -0500

On 26-Jan-2011, jmhill wrote:

| I have an issue with how Octave runs versions of .m files.
| I used the following installer for Windows.
| Octave-3.2.4_i686-pc-mingw32_gcc-4.4.0_setup
| The issues are that:
| o If Octave is already running and I create a new .m file, dir shows that
| the
|    .m file is in the working directory but Octave cannot find it.  If I
| restart
|    Octave, then it can find the .m file.
| > dir
| .   ..   HelloWorld.m
| > HelloWorld
| error: 'HelloWorld' undefined near line 20 column 1
| o Also, if I make a change to a .m file, Octave will not recognize that a
| change
|    was made and continue to execute the prior version.  If I issue the clear
|    command, then Octave sees the new version of the .m file.
| These issues are a bit of an irritation.

The appropriate place for bug reports is the bug tracker.

This issue has already been reported there at least once.  See for

This proble seems to only happen on Windows systems.

It may be that the problem has already been fixed in the development
version of Octave.  It would be helpful if someone who is building the
development version of Octave on Windows could test this and see
whether it is fixed.  If not, then someone who uses Octave on Windows
will have to debug the problem.


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