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font size and plot size

From: Evan
Subject: font size and plot size
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 16:21:32 +0800

I used to use the "-depslatexstandalone" option of print() when I save
plots in order to use general mathmatical formulae in labels, legends,
titles etc. I was happy with that untill recently I found that the
font size of the plots became very small (I cannot remember this
happened since which version of octave). Then I compared the plots
with those generated with an earlier version of octave, I found that
the font size is in fact unchanged but the plot size has been
enlarged, such that when the plots are inserted into an article using
some fixed width (say, \textwidth, or 0.45\textwidth for an article of
two-column format) the font size in the plots appears smaller than
before. Since setting the font size in octave does not affect that of
the plot generated with "-depslatexstandalone" option of print(), the
only way I can think of to increase the font size that the plot
appears when inserted into an article is to decrease the plot size
with "-SXSIZE,YSIZE" option of plot(). Is there any other easy way to
do this?

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