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Your software

From: Erico Matias Tavares
Subject: Your software
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 09:44:49 +0000


I am based in Europe, and someone in the US recommended me to use Octave for 
time series analysis. I know very little about math programming outside of 
Excel, hence why I would very much appreciate your input on whether your 
program can perform the following tasks, before I spend considerable time in 
understanding it:

1. Easily plot time series graphs
2. Import data (mostly in excel .xls format)
3. Perform things like normal distribution and trigonometric calculations 
automatically (eg in excel we simply type NORM() or SIN())
4. Also easily perform regression analysis (eg multivariate least squares 

Many thanks for your assistance

Erico Matias Tavares

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