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rehash() doesn't reread .

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: rehash() doesn't reread .
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2011 09:33:38 -0400

On  7-Apr-2011, Børge Strand-Bergesen wrote:

| Hi,
| I'm struggling to access a access an .m file created after Octave
| started. The file is created in a folder different from the startup
| folder. path() reports "." on the very first line.
| It seems rehash() doesn't reread "." after a cd command. However, if I
| create a new .m file in the startup folder, it is automatically found,
| even without the need for a rehash.
| Here's what happens:
| - Start Octave-3.2.4 on Win7/64
| - Create simple function c:\qwerty.m, a name which doesn't previously exist
| - In Octave, cd c:/
| - rehash();
| - qwerty(4,5)
| - error: `qwerty' undefined near line 13 column 1
| I'd appreciate some insight into ensuring "." is properly in the path.

I think this is a bug and that it was fixed for Octave 3.4.


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