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Re: memory

From: Martin Helm
Subject: Re: memory
Date: Sat, 09 Apr 2011 20:16:01 +0200

Am Samstag, den 09.04.2011, 10:41 +0530 schrieb nuncio m:
> HI martin,
>  I arranged it as 348 rows and 30,000 columns.
> nuncio
I still do not understand, maybe my question was not clear or I am
blind. The different physical parameters (temp, pressure ...) where are
they located in that matrix?
>From what I understood was that for example a(107, 4367) is a value
which corresponds to the time "107" and the gridpoint "4367", but this
is just a scalar, not a set of physical values.
Do you interleave the physical measurements in your matrix somehow (row
or columnwise) or is it simply that you have such a matrix for every
different type of measurements? 

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