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Physicalconstants package from Octave-Forge is outdated

From: Pablo
Subject: Physicalconstants package from Octave-Forge is outdated
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2011 18:36:48 -0300

Hi everyone!
  I just found out that the Physical Constants package from
Octave-Forge was removed from Debian testing. The reason was that the
values from the NIST database were outdated (see As the
report states, "The
latest update to that database is from 2006. Despite that, the package
still ships the values from 2002." I checked and that's true (you can
see, for example, the gravitational constant).
  Is it possible to update the package? Supposedly, the package is
automatically generated so it shouldn't be a big deal. By the way, the
generating script is not included in the package. I believe it should
be accessible just in case the original creator is unavailable.


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