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Re: Running batch octave jobs via webserver?

From: George Kousiouris
Subject: Re: Running batch octave jobs via webserver?
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011 10:43:42 +0300
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we have released a service-based implementation of octave for incorporating octave-created models in service oriented infrastructures like Grids or clouds. Now, this solution is not finalized yet, however a first version is available at: (it is the Mapping Service package)

Most important features are the paper describing the approach: and

and the source code:

Now this is not exactly what you are looking for given that in this approach we had a specific model that was run for performance estimation purposes. However if you take a look at the code, it uses an ftp server in order to obtain some necessary files. I guess you can modify it so that the user uploads through the web page his script to the ftp server and then this replaces the script (which in turn invokes a createmodel.m octave script).

On the other hand, it has solved some difficult problems like having a stable execution of Octave threads through java for as long as needed (the time out periods are configured in the client and server and can be set to whatever interval, without the computer hanging after some time or the calls time out). Furthermore, in the related work of the paper as far as i can remember some other solutions are mentioned which are probably closer to what you look for (user submitted scripts on an octave server).

This is just a preliminary version of the code, we plan to update it in the next months with some modifications (bug fixing, RESTful implementation etc.)

Hope it helps,

On 4/10/2011 6:27 AM, fork wrote:
Has anyone had call to set up a system for running batch jobs with user
submitted form data?  Any advice?

I am thinking of hacking together a queuing system using cgi (for simplicity) to
create a "load/ save" compatible input file, but I was hoping either to find a
solution implemented by someone else, or at least not make the same mistakes as
other people.

Responders:  feel free to ramble ... ;)


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