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looking for a programmer who can help me : PAID

Subject: looking for a programmer who can help me : PAID
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 19:59:03 -0700

I am hiring a programmer who can help us write some built-in functions inside octave. We have papers published at BIT, AM, etc. plus the Matlab/FORTRAN code. The result shows our methods are >=10,000 times better than the current popular methods. The goal is, say, user types fzero1(using our method), take 30 sec. user types fzero(using existing method in Octave or Matlab), take 5 days (say it's a very large scale problem).
    If you have interest, please email me at address@hidden
    I'll send you the papers and the code. We can discuss the price $ then.

I am a programmer too, but don't want to spend time on understanding Octave's code structure. For maintainance, I can do the job. My partner does not use Linux, so please have everything on Cygwin.


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