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coudn't find dbleDET.h

From: yanyajie
Subject: coudn't find dbleDET.h
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2011 19:24:40 +0800

Hi all,

A project I am compiling requires octave/dbleDET.h to be included. However, I didn’t find this header anywhere in the Octave include dir. . I am using octave 3.2.4, and the project was built upon 2.1. Could this be the reason? Does 3.2.4 deprecate this header and have all the functionality defined in it undergone some transformations? How can I cope with this situation? Will it work that someone just send me the header and I add it to the include dir? Or do I need to port the whole project to 3.2.4?
What's more, I find some headers of Octave, for instance lo-mappers.h, use functions like std::isfinite(), std::isnan(), which are not available in MSVC, and VC compiler keeps complaining about this. Why does octave have such problem? Isn't Octave a cross-platform project? Shouldn't it resolve platform dependency?

Thank you!


* The State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Technology
* School of Computer Science and Engineering
* Beijing University Aeronautics and Astronautics (Beihang Univ.)

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