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Re: Fixed-point arithmetic

From: Chipmuenk
Subject: Re: Fixed-point arithmetic
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 05:39:43 -0700 (PDT)

David Bateman-2 wrote:
>> When we switched to the new individual package release system Søren
>> prepared releases of most packages but skipped those that didn't work 
>> on his
>> system. Packages that were never released do not appear on the website.
>>> Any way to fix this?
>> Prepare a release according to the instructions at 
>> <> in the section
>> "Make a 
>> release of your package and publish its function reference"
>> c.
> Yeah, I haven't done it, and I thought Soren didn't because it needed 
> some work to get it to build with 3.2.0.. I have the version of Octave 
> installed with my distribution and the development version (ie 3.0.5 and 
> the tip) which is why I never bother trying to fix this.. (I'm using a 
> netbook with a 20GB SSD disk for my developments and so having two build 
> trees and 3 versions of Octave takes a bit of space)
> D.
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> address@hidden

Hi all,

I am using the "fixed" package for some time now to demonstrate the effects
of fixpoint coefficients and arithmetics in digital filters to my students.
It seems to me that this hidden gem of the octave packages is slowly falling
into oblivion as it is no longer actively maintained and hence no longer
appears at octave-forge. 

This is quite a pity, as this package is quite powerful in my opinion. As
far as I know, there is no other open source software supporting fixpoint
arithmetics. The only obvious alternative is Matlab's Fixpoint Toolbox but
of course Mathworks is aware of this fact: I cannot affort to provide
licenses for all of my students.

Admittedly, this package is quite complex and maybe the purpose of this
package is not immediately clear. Its syntax is also incompatible to the
Matlab fixpoint toolbox (as it was developed at the same time) which makes
this package even more seem like a dead end. But everyone who has tried to
develop a digital fixpoint filter for a microcontroller or an FPGA knows how
important it is to take quantizing / truncation effects into account.

I am not a programmer but I could help rejuvenating the toolbox by providing
ideas, applications, documentations and examples. I also have access to
Matlab with the Fixpoint Toolbox to run comparisons.

Please don't let this package rot away in some repository.



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