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using relative paths to execute octave scripts

From: Kamaraju S Kusumanchi
Subject: using relative paths to execute octave scripts
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 22:43:40 -0400
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Consider the following directory structure
├── a
│   └── hello_world.m
└── b

$cat a/hello_world.m                                                            
printf("Hello, world!\n");

the following works

$cd a/                                                                          
$octave -q                                                                      
octave:1> hello_world
Hello, world!
octave:2> quit

However, If I do
$cd ../b
$octave -q
octave:1> ../a/hello_world
parse error:

  syntax error

>>> ../a/hello_world

which brings my question. Is there anyway to execute octave scripts using 
relative path? If not, could this feature please be added?

Note: My current work around for this "deficiency" is to use addpath to add 
the a/ directory into the path list. However, the drawback of this approach 
is that, sometimes I have multiple versions of hello_world.m in different 
directories and I want to call different versions at different times in the 
master script.

Using octave 3.0.1 on Debian Squeeze.

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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