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RE: re-interpreting Octave output

From: William Krekeler
Subject: RE: re-interpreting Octave output
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2011 14:29:28 +0000

It is often useful to copy temporary output to generate new script lines. Yes, as asked, it is a cygwin issue, but if the user is using octave inside cygwin and that impacts the user interface to octave it becomes an octave issue. Not everyone has the choice of what operating system to use. Many work environment foist windows upon unsuspecting users and then expect them to do scientific processing. Many windows users have little understanding of how Linux, or similar interfaces work. These interfaces define the underlying way that users interface Octave. I think it is appropriate to help these users to make their Octave experience a positive one. Everyone is initially a helpless user and we don't know who will end up being major project contributors. Finally, sometimes we need to focus less on whether the venue is appropriate and more on being civil human beings willing to provide others assistance when they need it.





Again, this is a cygwin issue and not an octave one.  If I remember correctly, after highlighting, hitting "enter" or "ctrl-c" (I can't remember which one) will copy to the clipboard.



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