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Patches to the manual

From: pathematica
Subject: Patches to the manual
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2011 09:31:30 -0700 (PDT)

Recently, I posted a question about syntax required for a particular problem
(see specifying RGB triplets).

I received the information I required within minutes (literally) in the next

The discussion that followed suggested that the functionality I required was
not well documented.

A later post suggested submitting a patch for the manual.

I have a hard copy of the manual and I have checked the online version
(which is presumably the most up to date one).

I have self taught coding skills for high level languages, with a tiny
amount of experience of writing machine code. I have taken a maths degree
relatively late in life but I have never had any formal education in
computing (used in the general sense to include coding).

I have a sense of guilt that I use this great software without contributing
to the generation of code.

I am slightly intimidated by the idea of contributing patches for the code
itself. The same sense of a lack of technical insight also discourages
contributing prose for the manual. 

It did occur to me that I might submit some simple text for the manual on
the solution the problem for which I had sought help. Both the hardcopy
manual and the online have sections at the beginning that describe how
individuals might submit code for patches to the program. Unfortunately,
neither appear to offer information about how individuals might contribute
relatively non-technical prose for the manual. 

Have I missed the relevant part of the book (or the relevant link)? 

Would the addition of a link and a means for contributing prose for the

Is there an official wiki somewhere, that might form the basis of revisions
to the manual?

If not, would it help if there were one? (I'm afraid I would not know how to
set one up).

Thanks for the program itself and for the rapid help available in the forum. 

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