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Error compiling Octave-3.4.1 on Ubuntu-10.04-LTS

From: YuHong
Subject: Error compiling Octave-3.4.1 on Ubuntu-10.04-LTS
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 08:24:08 +0000

May I have a question about compiling Octave-3.4.1-source on Ubuntu-10.04-LTS?  The error message follows:

libtool: compile:  f77 -O -mieee-fp -c arpack/src/cgetv0.f  -fPIC -o arpack/src/.libs/libcruft_la-cgetv0.o
Cannot open file debug.h
/usr/bin/f77: aborting compilation
make[2]: *** [arpack/src/libcruft_la-cgetv0.lo] Error 1

Under the directory 'libcruft', the compilation tried to invoke 'f77' to compile fortran source 'arpack/src/cgetv0.f'.  The file 'cgetv0.f' need file 'debug.h'.  However, 'arpack/src/cgetv0.f' was not included successfully.  So I look forward to suggestions on the fortran-related error in compilation.  Thanks a lot!

Hong Yu

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