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Compiling Octave on Win 7, well compiling La Pack first.

From: Carel van Dam
Subject: Compiling Octave on Win 7, well compiling La Pack first.
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 19:30:09 +0200


I was trying to mail this to the general queries on old Nabble and I got redirected to this list. If I've posted into the wrong spot let me know and I'll fix it ASAP, assuming you're redirections are not too cryptic.

I'm having a few problems compiling Octave, well I started there and now I' having trouble compiling LaPack. I'm using win 7 and I've loaded all of the minGW stuff and cygwin and I've tried most things I've seen on the web for the last month or so. The most successful route I've followed to date is given at the following website :

Which got me a BLAS.dll file but wouldn't go to a LaPack.dll

Which is the most basic compile I've seen that also didn't work for me. I've tried some more advanced stuff too to no avail e.g. BLAS/lapack, ATLAS, gotoBLAS still have to try CLaPack. Basically I'm hoping there is some one who has a nifty link for me (I think my googling skills have gone wonky) or one or two pointers if that's possible.

I've acquired the latest Lapack 3.3.1 ATLAS 3.8.4 and the octave source. I can't seem to get gotoBLAS. I've also got minGW and cygwin cmake, which requires a proprietary compiler from intel so that's no good. From what I understand LaPack doesn't like windows.

If it's any help I'm clued up on coding in MATLAB, I'm a little lost in the Linux world at present I've only managed a half decent Gentoo compile. I'll make a nice write up for other people trying to compile that I'll post on the wiki if I work out how.

Originally my hope was to contribute to the control packages for octave, but I've been side tracked by trying to compile the latest octave source for a bit now due to the latest win distro not supporting the latest control pack in octave.

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