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Re: nonlinear equation help

From: Andy Buckle
Subject: Re: nonlinear equation help
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2011 11:39:01 +0100

On 2 September 2011 11:31, Marco atzeri <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 9/2/2011 12:06 PM, fv2005 wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I'm new to octave and need little help with an equation to solve.
>> This is my equation system:
>> w5 - f*(wb+lx+rx) = 0;
>> fx*(lx+lb) - a = 0;
>> fx*(rx+rb) - b = 0;
>> Variables are lx, rx and fx and the rest are parameters with know values.
>> Can someone help me with an example of solving?
>> Usually the solution is easy with Mathematica, but I want to test and
>> Octave.
>> I try'it something, based on what i find to internet, but not work.
>> Thanks in advance!
> looks documentation on
> Nonlinear Equations
>    Solvers

a few tips, in case you are not familiar with the built-in docs.

at the octave prompt enter "doc". you can then use the arrow keys to
go up and down and select from the bullet-points "*" using enter. when
you have finished hit q to quit.

to go straight to the part you want "doc Nonlinear" works in your case.

/* andy buckle */

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