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xlim gives memory exhausted error when used after plotting (v3.4.3 MinGW

From: Bernhard Weller
Subject: xlim gives memory exhausted error when used after plotting (v3.4.3 MinGW Windows)
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 04:43:59 -0800 (PST)

I encounter a problem, which I didn't using 3.4.2 MinGW.

It's a bit strange as I was not able to recreate the problem using a simple
example, but only with my measured values.

The m-file as well as the data is available from my website (don't know how
big a file attachment is allowed to be): (~40 kB)

My code is pretty straightforward (after narrowing it down):
clear; close all;
load xlimerror.mat
figure(1); clf;
hold on
semilogx(EstF, 20*log10(EstMag), 'b-') 
xlim([minF maxF])

The error is related to the xlim([minF maxF]) line and says:
error: memory exhausted or requested size too large for range of Octave's
index type -- trying to return to prompt

So something inside xlim goes wrong - my data is only a tiny 2623x1 for x
and y. And a total of 42kB used memory.

I noticed that if I place the xlim line before the plot command I don't get
an error message.
Is it required to put xlim before the plot commands?

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