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Re: How to combine several functions in a single oct-file? (2)

From: Michael Goffioul
Subject: Re: How to combine several functions in a single oct-file? (2)
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 23:47:02 +0000

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 11:01 PM, Lukas Reichlin
<address@hidden> wrote:
>>> There is (or used to be) the PKG_DEL counterpart to PKG_ADD. But
>>> what's missing is autounload (such feature request makes sense imo).
>>> The other possibility is to put all the common code into a single
>>> shared library, then link all oct-files to that library.
>>> Michael.
>> Hi Michael,
>> I like your idea of a single shared library very much. Is it possible to 
>> create such a library out of SLICOT upon package installation? It would be 
>> nice if I could link it the same way as the BLAS and LAPACK libraries.
>> Best regards,
>> Lukas
> PS: I would like to include the archive slicot.tar.gz [1] in my package. 
> Then, upon package installation, it should be unpacked and compiled to a 
> library I can link to. Until now, I have to add all files by hand, which is 
> quite ugly [2].
> Lukas
> [1] SLICOT Library
> [2] Makefile of the control package

I'd say as long as you write the appropriate Makefile, you can do
whatever you want.


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