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Re: help with histogram

From: grizzly101
Subject: Re: help with histogram
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 14:09:00 -0800 (PST)

I know this is an old post, but I finally figured out why imhist wasn't
working for uint8 images.  Imhist.m uses the command hist(I(:), bins) to
generate the histogram.  Bins is defined as an integer value of 256 when
used for intensity images.  To correct this, open the imhist file and change
the bins = 256 line to bins = 0:256 and imhist will not work for grayscale
images of uint8 type.  I was using a bmp file as my input, but I noticed the
same issue for tif and png until I changed that line. 

I hope this helps, and if this is messing up the original intent of imhist,
someone please let me know...I'm a noob with matlab/octave and image


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