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Re: Nonlinear Equation Solve

From: Thomas D. Dean
Subject: Re: Nonlinear Equation Solve
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 15:00:54 -0800
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On 02/14/12 12:22, Thomas D. Dean wrote:
octave:68> [x, fval, info] =
fminunc (@eqnsetf,y',
error: __doglegm__: operator \: nonconformant arguments (op1 is 15x15, op2 is 225x1)
error: called from:
error: /usr/local/share/octave/3.4.3/m/optimization/fminunc.m at line 386, column 3 error: /usr/local/share/octave/3.4.3/m/optimization/fminunc.m at line 233, column 9

I am cut-paste-copy-edit challenged.
I used 1e-18.

I am using 3.4.3 on a 64-bit machine, overclocked to 4.2GHz and 16GiB RAM. TolX should be much smaller, I think.

Tom Dean

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