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GSoC212: RSB

From: Juan Pablo Carbajal
Subject: GSoC212: RSB
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 07:53:09 +0100

Hi Jordi and all,

I suggested the people from RSB (
to participate in the GSoC2012. The general idea is to improve the
communication of Octave with other software/hardware, at the same time
RSB gets an interface for Octave (which was somehow planned).

Sebastian Wrede shows some interest in the idea and they could offer a
mentor (I will participate a well). What do you think?

It fits here
The example I prepare months ago
allows one to share data seamlessly with a running python instance
(this could be extended to Sage, of course, to Maxima cause RSB has an
implementation in Lisp, and to many hardware platforms like DAQs and
custom hardware).

In the snippet from Sebastian's e-mail we see his questions and he is
asking whether a thematic flavor (like robotics, etc...) would make
the idea more interesting. What do you think?

=== Snippet ===
"> Thx for the suggestion. I really like the idea and think we should
give it a try! I suppose, it could even help in the Octave application
if we argue also a bit from an application perspective (robotics and
cognitive systems, possible integration with ROS?). Just in case: What
would be the process? First, we would need to submit a paragraph about
the idea to the Octave Wiki, right?"


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