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Re: Change width of error bars

From: Ismael Núñez-Riboni
Subject: Re: Change width of error bars
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2012 11:07:47 +0100
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I am plotting a curve with error bars in the y direction, and the the bars
are too wide.

Which function do you use to plot the errorbars?

To my experience, the way plots are printed to file under octave depends a lot on your graphics backed... Ben suggested to me once to use:

graphics_toolkit fltk

which worked fine for me for pcolors... Try it, repeat your plot and print it to file... If it does not work perhaps you can simply edit the function you use to plot the errorbars to make the "hats" shorter?

Cheers, Ismael.

Is there any way to change their width ? So, it is not the
'linewidth' that I want to change but the length of the top of the 'T' of
the errorbars.

  I have many datapoints on the curve, the points are quite close to each
other and I should put an error bar on all of them. So because the error
bars are too wide they all overlap, giving an ugly hairy curve. I don't mind
personally, but I have to prepare a figure for a publication and it should
look nice. I save the figure using print, in the eps format. Whatever the
size I choose for the final figure, the error bars always have the same
width and they always overlap...

by the way I'm using octave 3.4.2
thanks for your help

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