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Re: LSODE Question - External Inputs?

From: damian.harty
Subject: Re: LSODE Question - External Inputs?
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 06:43:42 -0800 (PST)

Hmm, I'm becoming baffled with the included code not being there thing. I
just pasted it in as plain text last time, and I could see it in my e-mail
and from inside Nabble...

Anyway, I think you are understanding what I'm trying to do and I get the
non-constant calling interval with lsode. 

In principle I thought it wouldn't be any bother to get my function to
return more than one variable but what with the anonymous function and
ISTAGE and MSG variables I can't really work out what the syntax is to
actually achieve it.

Inside the file EqMotion.m I have

function [xdot, ISTATE, MSG] = EqMotion (x,t,m,k,c,u,udot,t_vector)

If I add xdot(3)=Fk into it then lsode protests about a dimensional

And inside one_dof.m I have

[x, ISTATE,MSG] = lsode (@ (x,t) EqMotion ((x,t,m,k,c,u,udot,t_vector), x0,

So how do I modify the function definition and call to pass back Fk? I want
to put it on the left hand side but lsode protests again...

Thanks in advance,



Senior Research Fellow - Vehicle & System Dynamics
Coventry University
United Kingdom
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