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Re: function help

From: damian.harty
Subject: Re: function help
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 08:37:46 -0800 (PST)

No problem, I think some small additions along these lines would really help:

11.1 Defining Functions

> The function body consists of Octave statements. It is the most important
> part of the definition, because it says what the function should actually
> do.

+ The following examples will work when entered directly from the command
prompt. To avoid repeated definition of functions it is convenient to enter
those definitions into files for re-use. Some non-intuitive behaviour can
occur when performing this - see section 11.9 for detail on including
functions inside an m-file. This does not represent a bug and is designed-in
behaviour, but is nevertheless a trap for the uninitiated. 

+ Alternatively, individual functions can be stored in their own file of the
same name - the function foo can be stored in foo.m - see section 11.8 for
the difference between a list of commands, which execute identically to the
interactive examples below, and a dedicated /function file/. 

> For example, here is a function that, when executed, will ring the
> bell...etc

Any use?


Senior Research Fellow - Vehicle & System Dynamics
Coventry University
United Kingdom
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