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Problems with fileread

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Problems with fileread
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 10:43:11 -0500

On 26-Feb-2012, Terry Duell wrote:

| I am running Octave 3.6.1, and have encountered a difficulty with fileread.
| I am advised that the code segment (runtestdata.m) below which reads the  
| test data from a file (testdata) OK in Matlab and displays the data as  
| expected, but does not work for me in Octave.
| In Matlab the code reads the data in the first 3 records into 'header',  
| then reads the values '0.30, 0.21...' etc into 'data', then does a str2num  
| conversion on 'data' to put the values into 'y'.
| Here, in Octave, the string 'data' starts out as follows...
| 0
| 0
| .
| 2
| 1
| I guess some tweaking of the character counts (104, 105) will affect that,  
| but I wouldn't have expected the behaviour of Octave and Matlab to be  
| different.
| In addition, if I check the size of 'y' after the str2num conversion, the  
| response is ...
| ans =
|     0   0
| Is the behaviour I'm seeing the result of a bug?

If there is an incompatibility, please file a bug report so that the
issue won't be forgotten.

Is the Matlab behavior documented?



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