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Re: Octave 3.6.0 on Windows XP plot fails.

From: Xianyi Zhang
Subject: Re: Octave 3.6.0 on Windows XP plot fails.
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 14:18:44 +0800

Hi Maiky76,
I didn't use Octave on windows.
If "Matsuoka san libblas" is OpenBLAS, the result is wired.
Could you add an environment variable "OPENBLAS_NUM_THREADS" with value 2 in win7?
Then, please repeat the test about Matsuoka san libblas.

2012/2/27 maiky76 <address@hidden>

I am probably doing something wrong here but... The results I get with the
following  test:

n=2000; A=randn(n); B=randn(n);tic; C=A*B; t=toc, MFLOPS=2*n^3/t*1e-6

Octave 3.6.0, built in libblas: 2.15s
Octave 3.6.0, Matsuoka san libblas: 11.8s (!)
Octave 3.2.0: 1.82s
Matlab R2010a: 0.946s

System: Win7 on a laptop equipped with an Intel i5 M480.
thanks for compiling the latest version anyway!

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