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Octave for Windows - terminal_size and Console2

From: E. Joshua Rigler
Subject: Octave for Windows - terminal_size and Console2
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 10:53:27 -0700

This is not strictly an Octave problem, but I hope someone who has
been using Octave for Windows longer than I might be able to provide
some insight.

I feel certain that when I first started running Octave3.4.3 for
Windows from inside the Console2 terminal (just a few days ago) that
Octave adjusted its output to match the dimensions of the terminal.
Then, after messing around with a variety of configurations, for both
Console2 and the mingw+msys installation, this stopped working. Now it
is necessary to restart Octave for it to properly read updated
terminal dimensions. I tried using both cmd.exe and bash.exe as
shells, and even re-installed everything from scratch, but I still get
the same (broken) behavior. Am I crazy to believe this ever worked as

For what its worth, I've tried using other non-Microsoft terminals
like rxvt and mintty, but they seem even more dysfunctional. Just in
case some sample output is helpful:

F:\Octave3.4.3_gcc4.5.2\bin>octave -q -f
octave:1> terminal_size
ans =

   25   79

[...resize the Console...]

octave:2> terminal_size
ans =

   25   79

octave:3> exit

F:\Octave3.4.3_gcc4.5.2\bin>octave -q -f
octave:1> terminal_size
ans =

   30   79


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