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Re: Bug in octave-forge-control package

From: Lukas Reichlin
Subject: Re: Bug in octave-forge-control package
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 07:47:39 +0100

On 28.02.2012, at 19:13, Přemysl Vrba wrote:

> Greetings,

Hi Přemysl,

Thanks for your report. I forwarded it to the octave mailing lists (Octave and 
OctaveForge) as it not only concerns me in my role as the maintainer of the 
control package. Please keep the mailing lists in Cc for future requests.

> i have a package octave and octave-forge-control (version 2.2.0-7.9) 
> installed from ... repository. Function
> tf(1 ,[1 1], 0)
> produce this output:
> octave:1> tf(1, [1 1 ])
> error: `is_real_vector' undefined near line 38 column 15
> error: called from:
> error:   /usr/share/octave/packages/control-2.2.0/@tfpoly/tfpoly.m at line 
> 35, column 7
> error:   /usr/share/octave/packages/control-2.2.0/__vec2tfpoly__.m at line 
> 32, column 7
> error:   /usr/share/octave/packages/control-2.2.0/@tf/tf.m at line 168, 
> column 5
> After installation control package directly from forge by
> pkg -forge install control 
> function
> tf(1 ,[1 1], 0)
> is working. Probably, function is_real_vector is missing in control package 
> (octave-forge-control).

As control-2.2.5 installed by
pkg -forge install control
works, it looks like a problem with the Suse package of control-2.2.0. 
is_real_vector.oct is a compiled function, a kind of plugin for the octave 
interpreter. The Suse package could be missing it or Octave doesn't find it. 
Please ask the Suse maintainers to upgrade to control-2.2.5 and to fix their 
package. BTW: You can check the package by running the command test_control.

> Next failure:
> Installation of package octave-forge-ga is not possible via yast. There is 
> not package octave-forge-communication in repository.
> Another thing:
> Packages octave-forge-.... are not recognized by octave. There is not paths 
> /usr/share/octave/packages/..... in octave path variable.
> Can you tell me, in which package these functions and which packages i need 
> install via yast (zypper) (everything octave... i have installed from 
> repository "Science" at

Note that yast is the installer of Suse. It is updated by the Suse people, not 
by OctaveForge authors. Therefore some packages might be missing or outdated.

You can find all Octave packages on the official OctaveForge website
or by
pkg list -forge

pkg install -forge communications
pkg install -forge ga

> Thank You.
> Přemysl Vrba
> p.s. Sorry for my English.


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