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Re: csvread

From: c.
Subject: Re: csvread
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2012 14:11:25 +0100

On 1 Nov 2012, at 09:37, address@hidden wrote:

> I am trying to read a csv file with about 25M data points. (250,000 rows, 100 
> columns). Using MacBook Pro OSX 10.8 with 8GB RAM, 2.3Ghz i7. I used 
> csvread('file'). The process has been running for 1.5 days. It's currently 
> using 2.5GB ram. The file is 230MB.
> This seems too slow. I didn't make a matrix of zeros before running the 
> process. Also, now I have about 1GB of RAM left.
> Can someone give me insight into what's happening? If I interrupt the process 
> will it keep the information that is already loaded? Or will I lose 
> everything? Should I start quiting other processes to free up ram?
> Thanks,
> Matt

I tried creating a file with the same amount of data (which resulted in a much 
larger file though) and loading it in Octave 3.7+ on OSX 10.6.8:

>> outdata = randn (250e3, 100);
>> csvwrite ('csvtest.csv', outdata);
>> tic, indata = csvread ('csvtest.csv'); toc
Elapsed time is 184.5596 seconds.
>> norm (indata - outdata, inf)
ans =  1.5730e-14
>> ls -larth csvtest.csv
-rw-r--r--  1 carlo  staff   457M  1 Nov 14:02 csvtest.csv

this took me about 3 minutes, I really doubt your process is doing anything 
useful, I guess it's probably stuck ...


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