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Re: checking for liboctave

From: c.
Subject: Re: checking for liboctave
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 17:35:53 +0100

On 2 Nov 2012, at 17:26, Jordi GutiƩrrez Hermoso wrote:

>> Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try that but I guess I still need mkoctfile 
>> to get
>> linker flags for liboctave ...
> Octave distributes an octave-config binary for this purpose... perhaps
> we should migrate this to a standard pkg-config interface.

I see, but "octave-config -p" seems to give a lot of info about various 
directories but 
not about compiler and linker flags:

 -p VAR, --print VAR   Print the value of the given configuration
                        variable VAR.  Recognized variables are:

                          API_VERSION             LOCALAPIOCTFILEDIR
                          ARCHLIBDIR              LOCALARCHLIBDIR
                          BINDIR                  LOCALFCNFILEDIR
                          CANONICAL_HOST_TYPE     LOCALOCTFILEDIR
                          DATADIR                 LOCALSTARTUPFILEDIR
                          DATAROOTDIR             LOCALVERARCHLIBDIR
                          DEFAULT_PAGER           LOCALVERFCNFILEDIR
                          EXEC_PREFIX             LOCALVEROCTFILEDIR
                          FCNFILEDIR              MAN1DIR
                          IMAGEDIR                MAN1EXT
                          INCLUDEDIR              MANDIR
                          INFODIR                 OCTFILEDIR
                          INFOFILE                OCTINCLUDEDIR
                          LIBDIR                  OCTLIBDIR
                          LIBEXECDIR              PREFIX
                          LOCALAPIARCHLIBDIR      STARTUPFILEDIR
                          LOCALAPIFCNFILEDIR      VERSION

while I can get those info from "mkoctfile -p"

-p VAR, --print VAR     Print configuration variable VAR.  Recognized
                          variables are:

                            ALL_CFLAGS                FFTW3F_LIBS
                            ALL_CXXFLAGS              FLIBS
                            ALL_FFLAGS                FPICFLAG
                            ALL_LDFLAGS               INCFLAGS
                            BLAS_LIBS                 LAPACK_LIBS
                            CC                        LDFLAGS
                            CFLAGS                    LD_CXX
                            CPICFLAG                  LD_STATIC_FLAG
                            CPPFLAGS                  LFLAGS
                            CXX                       LIBOCTAVE       
                            CXXFLAGS                  LIBOCTINTERP    
                            CXXPICFLAG                LIBS            
                            DEPEND_EXTRA_SED_PATTERN  OCTAVE_LIBS     
                            DEPEND_FLAGS              OCTAVE_LINK_DEPS
                            DL_LD                     OCT_LINK_DEPS   
                            DL_LDFLAGS                RDYNAMIC_FLAG   
                            EXEEXT                    READLINE_LIBS   
                            F77                       SED             
                            F77_INTEGER_8_FLAG        XTRA_CFLAGS     
                            FFLAGS                    XTRA_CXXFLAGS   

maybe we should put all this stuff in one place?


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