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Successive Over-Relaxation ... what is wrong? Improvements?

From: Joza
Subject: Successive Over-Relaxation ... what is wrong? Improvements?
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 15:25:03 -0700 (PDT)

Below is an implementation I have written of the Successive Over-Relaxation
Method (for pedagogical purposes). I must use a starting guess of zeros and
b in Ax=b is all ones. A is sparse. 

I've run Octave's CGS and it solved the problem in about 1 second ... my
code has been running for well over 5 minutes and nothing ...

I'm sure there is something I'm missing here. Any ideas? Feel free to run
the code yourself ... w is the relaxation parameter ( try 1.35) and tol is
the convergence tolerance. 

This is the second major algorithm I've had trouble with recently. Must be
something up with mu approach! Anyway, I'd really like to hear all

function [x, iters] = SOR(w, tol)

r = sparse([1 1], [1 2], [2 -1], 1, 1000);
A = toeplitz(r);
b = ones(1000,1);
x = zeros(1000,1);

iters = 0;
converged = 0;

while !converged
        norm_x = 0.0;
        norm_delta_x = 0.0;
        for i=1:1:1000;
                sum = 0.0;
                if i==1
                        for j=1:2
                                sum = sum + A(i,j)*x(j);
                elseif i==1000
                        for j=999:1000
                                sum = sum + A(i,j)*x(j);
                        for j=i-1:i+1
                                sum = sum + A(i,j)*x(j);

                delta_x = w*(b(i) - sum)/A(i,i);
                x(i) = x(i) + delta_x
                iters = iters + 1;

                norm_x = max( norm_x, abs(x(i)) );
                norm_delta_x = max(norm_delta_x, abs(delta_x) )
        if norm_delta_x <= tol + 4.0*(10^-16)*norm_x
                converged = 1;

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