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RE: the IDE question... (and GUI I guess)

From: Allen.Windhorn
Subject: RE: the IDE question... (and GUI I guess)
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2012 18:50:31 +0000


From: address@hidden On Behalf Of Nicholas Jankowski

> So I learned Matlab on v4 and 5, where you only had a command
> window and a fairly decent editor/debugger. So Octave was an
> easy switch. All I've seen their gui add to this is (1) a
> folder view, (2) a command history, (3) live variable tracking.
> Not things I've ever 'needed'.

No, but handy to have.  What I really want is Simulink -- one of
these days I'll have to try SciLab and see if it will do that job.

> As a windows user, I've been using SciTE since it used to come
> bundled with a prev Octave version and it does decent context
> highlighting. But, while I've gotten pretty adept at inserting
> the various pause/debug commands, is there such a thing as a
> Windows based editor with debugging 'hooks' that could work with
> Octave? This would basically complete the Matlab v5 effective
> interface and would be more than enough for me... 
> While I patiently await a stable windows gui version, what do you
> all used for editors, anything resembling a debugger/editor?

I use Emacs, very powerful but a steep learning curve.  You can run
Octave in a shell, but it's not (yet) an IDE.  Someone could write
that though.


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