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Compiling Octave with OpenBLAS

From: Jake
Subject: Compiling Octave with OpenBLAS
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 13:40:03 -0800


I have compiled OpenBLAS from source in the usual fashion (just using make, 
nothing special) and also have the precompiled Ubuntu package. I have tried to 
compile Octave with this (./configure LDFLAGS="-L/opt/OpenBLAS/lib" 
--with-blas="-lopenblas" for manually compiled binaries, just ./configure for 
using the precompiled package) only to receive the following message: 
"configure: error: A BLAS library was detected but found incompatible with your 
Fortran 77 compiler settings." from both attempts. Is there anything special I 
have to do in either the Octave compilation or the compilation of OpenBLAS to 
get them to work together? OpenBLAS was compiled with gfortran and gcc, just 
like Octave will be. I know that Octave can work with OpenBLAS because the 
MinGW build uses it or has. Thanks in advance for any help.

-Jacob Abel

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