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Printing pcolor image takes a bit long

From: Marko Kvakić
Subject: Printing pcolor image takes a bit long
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:56:43 +0100


I'm a newcomer to the Octave, and i must first say that i'm really astonished at how good it is.
All of the functionalities and the packages are there,  with the transfer being totally seamless.
I'm really delighted about it.

The "problem" i have is printing out pcolor figures of a 3000x900 matrix.
Seems it takes a bit long to produce the image.

I'm using fltk package because i'm having trouble overlaying pcolor with a plot command.

Is there a way of speeding up the printing process without degrading the resolution too much (r200 being the minimal)?
I would be using Octave to produce about 20 different pics every 15 minutes, so i need to reduce it as much as possible.

Any help is much appreciated.

ps- Im not sure if attachments are allowed, but here is a sample one

Marko Kvakić

Mob: 00385 95 828 0470

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