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AW: Very slow ploting with gnu plot (windows)

From: Froebe, Matej
Subject: AW: Very slow ploting with gnu plot (windows)
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2012 19:33:22 +0100

Thank you for your answers.

>Octave 3.6.2 switched to using ghostscript to convert from eps to
bitmapped formats.  

The problem is  that the plot function itself is slow. It returns to
octave prompt quickly, but it takes a really long time until the plot is

>I can confirm this; plotting under Windows, *regardless of the size*,
takes about 30 seconds for the window to come up. After the first plot,
the plot window will reappear quickly.

In my case the ploting is fast for small data and slow for large data.
It takes the same time when the plot function is called the second time.

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